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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

Depending on your vehicle to start, operate, and perform properly every day means trusting in your battery. Do you have any idea what state your automobile battery may be in? If not, then it may be time to visit AAMCO’s service center for our car battery charging and maintenance service.

If your battery exhibits any signs of problems, including frequently running low, slow cranking, or malfunctioning in extreme weather, then it’s definitely time to check your battery. Batteries that are over 3 years old are close to failing. Ignoring these problems can mean your battery may fail at any time, leaving you stranded at work or in the shoulder lane of a busy highway.

Trust in AAMCO of Concord, CA, for a comprehensive starting and charging system diagnosis, inspection of major connections and hardware, case and battery load checks, and even repairs to related components like the brackets and connections. Best of all, of our services come with a free Initial Vehicle Check (IVC), which is a preventative review of your car’s overall performance and major systems. Our IVC can spot serious problems you didn’t even know your vehicle had.

Last but not least, our car battery services include an inspection of your starting system to determine if the mounting and connections are all secure, and a power test to ensure your battery can properly start your engine and maintain its performance. Only after closely inspecting your vehicle will we make a diagnosis and offer repair or replacement services. We’ll only recommend what’s necessary for you to have a reliable, trustworthy vehicle that you can safely operate every day.

Visit AAMCO in Concord, CA, at the first sign of trouble with your battery, or review your owner’s manual for service period recommendations



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