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Brake Service and Repair Services

Your brakes (and the various components involved in their proper function) are a very important safety feature. When they’re operating correctly, you feel safer and more confident about the safety of those in your vehicle. The smooth operation of your brakes can also make driving more enjoyable. Our brake repair services in Concordoffer the expert, professional help to keep your brakes working smoothly and keep you safe.

The professionals at AAMCO understand your brakes and the services they need to keep them in optimal working order. We know which factors can contribute to brake difficulties. Worn pads and shoes are the obvious parts that need to be monitored for timely replacement. When these parts wear out, they can contribute to the unnecessary wear and damage of other components like rotors and drums. When they’re damaged, they will need resurfacing or replacement. Brake calipers and wheel cylinders need to be examined as well.

Brake fluid needs to be checked and replaced when it gets too old. Another problem that can occur with brakes is when there is insufficient lubrication of slides and mounting points. When we check your brakes we’ll also check to see if your wheel bearings need servicing or replacement. We’ll even adjust something you might not have even thought of: your parking brake.

Trust the vehicle experts at AAMCO. Give us a call or come by our shop today!



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