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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

An engine that is properly tuned has a great effect on some important things. Firstly, it can work toward protecting the environment from more harmful emissions. Secondly, and more close to home, a properly tuned engine can improve your gas mileage and your vehicle’s overall performance. All that’s necessary is for you to bring your car in to our engine tune-up repair services in Concord once a year. Once you do, we’ll be able to determine if your car could benefit from a tune up. In most cases, it probably will!

AAMCO’s tune up services include inspecting and adjusting each system that affects efficient fuel combustion. After we perform our service, put us to the test and keep track of your gas mileage; look for it to increase in efficiency by at least 10%. A car that’s out of tune isn’t enjoyable to drive and can experience all kinds of problems. Take the time to get a professional tune up. Your owner’s manual can be a helpful source, but we’ll be able to provide what you need to keep your car happily humming down the road.

Included in our tune up services are new spark plug installation, idle speed adjustment, timing, throttle and linkage inspection, and a check of spark plug wires along with the distributor cap. We’ll do a comprehensive performance check to make sure your car performs and drives optimally.

We also offer our Initial Vehicle Check (IVC). This is where we check all your vehicle’s critical systems. When your check engine light comes on, we have a check engine repair service available. The check engine light can alert you to many different problems; but don’t worry, we’ll diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

Always know that you can fully trust your team of AAMCO experts to provide exactly the services your vehicle needs. We want you back on road enjoying your car—and we want to keep you there. Whenever you need us, we’ll have our trained team diagnose and service your vehicle’s most critical problems.



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