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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

Is your vehicle’s air conditioner not cooling the way you like? Bring it in to AAMCO in Concord for complete vehicle air conditioning diagnostic, inspection, and repair service. While many car owners believe that the AC unit is only for cooling the vehicle, it actually plays a much larger role than you may imagine. In fact, when the AC isn’t working well, you may notice you’re having trouble with dehumidification and defrosting.

Here are 5 signs that you may need car AC service today:

  • Hot air only blowing from vents
  • Air conditioner cools sporadically and unreliably
  • Your air conditioner is making a strange sound
  • You notice unusual smells coming from the vents while the AC unit is in operation
  • You can’t get the defrost to work

If you’re struggling with one of these symptoms, stop by AAMCO today. We offer the most comprehensive Vehicle Check and Diagnostic Service (VCDS) in Concord. All our car AC services are performed by certified technicians with unbeatable experience.

Our VCDS includes the followings:

  • Inspection of all AC-related components
  • Check for leaks, cracks, and damage
  • Check that the compressor is working properly
  • Visual inspection of all lines, seals, hoses, and other system parts
  • Refrigerant recharged and added when necessary

Our certified technicians will recheck the system once repairs are made to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning is running well again before you drive off. Driving should be an enjoyable experience. If you’re having problems with your air conditioning, drive to an AAMCO near you today and speak with one of our certified technicians.



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